First, we seek to understand our client’s pain point through their lens.. 


Excellence in content delivery is the fuel that drives our execution.. 


We believe that whatever is not tracked can easily get sidetracked.. 

Creativity. Affinity. Loyalty.

Because of our penchant for excellence, we offer daring and unconventional solutions to our clients in the corporate and entertainment sectors.

Our Drive is excellence, our Niche is creative storytelling, and our Aura projects fun, comical and witty content creation.

Our Drive is excellence, our Niche is creative storytelling and our Aura projects fun..

That makes us who we are, it’s our DNA.

We Are SMG

Here at SMG, we pride ourselves in being a stream of ideas that flows in the direction of our client’s thoughts and imaginations.

We give you solutions that help you build strong brand affinity, converting trial customers to loyal customers.

Our team is made of a diverse group of thinkers and executors who are driven to position your product, service and brand as an important player in the marketplace.

Our Portfolio

We have successfully executed several projects that includes TV Commercials, Audio Jingles and Music Production and a lot more. Here are a few of them..

Airtel RechargePlus - TVC

Unity Bank PLC - TVC

Airtel 444 - Music

Airtel Precious Moments - TVC

Efezino - Amere - Music

Airtel SmartTalk - TVC

CORONAVIRUS.. Thriving In The New Normal

We are in unique times indeed, as the COVID 19 virus has forced the world to change. We changed the way we interact..